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How to Win Cryptocurrencies with Faucetpay Faucets in the Following Lists?


1aº - Register in Coinbase Cryptocurrency Wallet with your Email and your Password; Login and, in Bitcoin (BTC) and/or Ethereum (ETH), Collect your BTC and/or ETH..., Deposit Address(es) from the Wallet!


1bº - If you do not have the desired Cryptocurrency at Coinbase, Register at the Coinpayments Cryptocurrency Wallet and collect the desired Cryptocurrency Address from there; This Wallet has Support for over 1,500 Cryptocurrencies!


1cº - For the TetherTRC20 - USDTTron (USDT) Cryptocurrency, you can use the Kucoin Cryptocurrency Wallet, for example!


1eº - For the Binance Coin (BNB) - BinanceBEP20(BSC) Cryptocurrency, you can use the Binance Cryptocurrency Wallet, for example!


2º - Register in Faucetpay Cryptocurrency MicroWallet with your Email and Password!


3aº - Login to the MicroWallet and in your Account Settings Add Your Bitcoin (BTC) and/or BitcoinCash (BCH) and/or Dash (DASH) and/or Dogecoin (DOGE) and/or Ethereum (ETH) and/or Litecoin (LTC) and/or Digibyte (DGB) and/or TetherTRC20 (USDT) and/or Tron (TRX), Etc..., Address(es), you will need it later to withdraw from Faucetpay for the Wallet!


3bº - For Faucetpay's Feyorra Token (FEY), in your Account Settings Add an Ethereum ERC-20, Token FEY Address!


3cº - Do you want/need to Know How to have your Own Feyorra Wallet (FEY) and your Own Feyorra Address, in order to Claim on Faucets?

- See Here Using the MetaMask App for Android or iOS (Not a Browser Extension); Or See Here Using the Trust Wallet App for Android or iOS (Not a Browser Extension);

- I used MetaMask App for Android, and Using Youtube Video Information on How to Do it in MetaMask, and it was not difficult to have my own Feyorra Wallet and Feyorra Address!


4º - On Sites/Faucets where Registration is Required, Register with your Email, Password and Your Cryptocurrency Address, Login and start Winning, or in Simple Faucets, just Login with your Your Cryptocurrency Address and start Winning, Doing All the Necessary Steps to Claim Your Prize!




At Faucetpay Faucets, PTCs and/or Others , You Can Win Bitcoin-BTC , Ethereum-ETH , BitcoinCash-BCH , Dogecoin-DOGE , Litecoin-LTC , Tron-TRX , Digibyte-DGB , TetherTRC20-USDT , Feyorra-FEY , Dash-DASH , Zcash-ZEC , Solana-SOL and BinanceCoin-BNB !


You can also exchange your Cryptocurrencies on the Exchange of this MicroWallet, with a minimum value equivalent to 150 Satoshis-BTC!


The Minimum Withdrawals in this MicroWallet for your Wallet are Only 12,000 Satoshis (BTC), Only 50,000 Satoshis (BCH), Only 80,000 Satoshis (DASH), Only 10 Doges (DOGE), Only 10 Digibytes (DGB), Only 5 Trons (TRX), Only 800,000 Satoshis (ETH), Only 50,000,000 Satoshis (USDT), Only 2,000 Feyorras (FEY), Only 80,000 Satoshis (LTC), Only 1,000 Satoshis (ZEC), Only 50,000 Satoshis (SOL) and Only 1,000 Satoshis (BNB)!


And, if you need or want to Deposit Bitcoin-BTC, BitcoinCash-BCH, Dogecoin-DOGE, Ethereum-ETH, Digibyte-DGB, Tron-TRX, Litecoin-LTC or Dash-DASH, etc... to Exchange/Convert to Another Cryptocurrency, or to Multiply/Probably Fair Game, or to Play/Rock, Paper, Scissors, Etc., there are no minimums to deposit, that I know!


I Chose Coinbase as a Wallet, Because You Can Exchange Your Tiny Cryptocurrencies for Dollars or Euros, etc... and Immediately Transfer to Paypal and/or Bank Account, etc...! But You Can Use Any Wallet to Get Your Bitcoin (BTC) and/or Ethereum (ETH) and/or Others... Address(es)!


See Here and Here, one of Faucetpay's Withdrawals for Coinbase!


Thank You for Visit These Lists! Good Winnings to All!


Finalmente as Listas...!


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Finalmente as Listas...!


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1 - Click Here to Register in this MicroWallet and Get your Token to Claim on Faucets of this MicroWallet!


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