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Earn Many Cryptocurrencies with PTCs or Faucets Directly to Coinbase, in the List Below!


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Faucets/PTCs Lists (or part of them) Last Updated/Verified on: - 26/January/2022


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PTCs and Others to Win Cryptocurrencies Directly to Coinbase:


In This List are Only PTCs and Others That Don't Use Mandatory Shortlinks, which I Hate, with Minimum Withdrawals Between 1 and 5,000 Satoshis-BTC Only, or Equivalent, who are not too long without Funds, or Offline and, Pay an Acceptable Amount, (Comparing with Others), for our Work done!


And, All PTCs that are SCAM (Deceptive), are in the List at the Bottom of this Page, with the Explanation of Why they are SCAM! - Faucet to Win: Bitcoin-BTC

Minimum withdrawal: 25 Satoshi-BTC

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Withdrawals in this Faucet, are in Bitcoin-BTC to Coinbase!

But you can also withdraw your Bitcoin-BTC to Faucetpay!


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List of PTCs that are SCAM:


Nothing Here, for Now!



Antigamente, escrevia-se em Papiros...!
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