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How to Earn up to 200 free US Dollars in Cryptocurrencies for new Coinbase users


Sometimes, Coinbase teaches you how to work with some Cryptocurrencies through Video Lessons and, at the end of each Lesson, it presents a Quiz where we can answer to earn a dollar amount in the Cryptocurrency we are learning about!


To do so, just Open an Account in the Coinbase Wallet, set it up correctly with your personal data, and then just Earn Free Cryptocurrencies within the Wallet itself!



In each Questionnaire of each Lesson, several possible Answers are presented, but only one is the true one, just answer correctly to win!


If you Answer wrong, don't worry, go back and try another Answer until you answer right, because the idea at Coinbase Earn is to teach how and why to work with these cryptocurrencies!


Eventually you might like a certain cryptocurrency you've earned and you might even buy more as an investment!


Hurry up, because after a while, the possibilities of winning with a certain Cryptocurrency, or more than one, are exhausted!


When you have already won everything there is to win and if you want it so, having waited a month at least, you can exchange for Euros, Dollars, etc... and simply withdraw to your bank account, Paypal, etc...!


If the option is available and you are interested in Investing in Bitcoin, then, after about a month, exchange the Earned Cryptocurrency for Bitcoin, because then you will only have one Transaction and will pay only one Fee!


Initially, I had on this page the correct answers to answer in the questionnaires, but as this is not correct, I eliminated them all, because the idea is not to answer easy, but to learn about the cryptocurrencies in question!


Good Earnings to All!


Finalmente as Listas...!


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Finalmente as Listas...!


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